Federal Personal Defense 40 S&W Ammo 180 Grain HST Jacketed Hollow Point ammo review offers the following information; For nearly a century Federal Ammunition has put its focus on manufacturing quality products with cutting edge technology. This dedication to excellence has given Federal a competitive edge as an ammunition technology giant. Today the company is well known for producing high grade centerfire, rimfire, and shotshell ammunition that shooters everywhere know and trust. Federal HST Law Enforcement ammo is crafted with penetration and superior performance in mind. This Federal Personal Defense 40 S&W ammunition features a 180 grain HST Jacketed Hollow Point bullet. This hollow point is designed to optimize weight retention and to avoid plugging while passing through a variety of barriers. The high quality components and specialized design of this 40 S&W ammo makes it an excellent option for self-defense, whether it be as a concealed carry or to protect your home. Federal Personal Defense features non corrosive new production nickel plated ammo with boxer primer and brass cases which are reloadable for those high volume shooters. The case mouth and primer of this ammo does include waterproofing. Federal Personal Defense 40 S&W is packaged in a cases of 200 rounds.

Every HST bullet features a tapered jacket profile for reliable feeding and a cannelure that locks the copper jacket to the lead core.

Each round of ammunition is loaded into a Federal nickel plated brass case with waterproofing on the case mouth and primer.

This Federal Personal Defense 40 S&W ammunition was engineered to meet or exceed FBI ammunition testing protocols.