Wolf Polyformance 45 ACP AUTO Ammo 230 Grain FMJ Steel Case (1000 Rounds)

45 ACP AUTO ammo for sale made by Bernaul Russia, features a non-reloadable polymer coated steel case and a non-corrosive primer and a full metal jacket bullet. A great target and practice ammunition, whether the marksmen is a novice or a professional, Wolf ammo exceeds all expectation. Though the ammunition is non-reloadable,  Wolf ammo is perfect for high volume target and range shooting for those individuals that do not tent to reload their 45 ACP AUTO ammunition. In addition to being one of the lowest priced ammunition on the market, Wolf Ammo does the job, it feeds and shoots every time you pull the trigger. To ensure shooters that they are getting high quality ammunition for their money, Wolf Ammo is the only ammunition company that offers 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all ammo, including this 45 ACP AUTO load. This Wolf 45 AUTO ammo is packaged 50 rounds per box and 1000 rounds per case.